A lot of people are choosing nowadays ecological methods of heating up their homes instead of using fossil fuels: the active or passive solar heating. Deciding to implement solar technology in the house is easy to do, but before getting started with the installation process, some solar home plans must be done so that everything is done flawless.

Solar home plans begin with the owner deciding what kind of solar power he is interested in. Most of us will make our decisions depending on our budget. Those who can afford it are advised to buy large solar power systems as they are highly efficient and will provide a lot of solar power to the home. Even those that can’t afford a large solar power system can find something to suit their pockets. Smaller solar panels do exist but they have a disadvantage: they will not give the same output.¬†Solar home plans also incorporate simpler solar power methods. Here we are talking about passive solar methods. This refers to the fact that solar devices are not used, and all the solar energy comes in the house through a well positioned window, that has a well thought size for this. Walls, trees and building placement are also considered in the solar home plans for capturing or deflecting the sun for use.

Solar Panel Installation

For those who want to protect nature and also save a lot of money on their home bills solar panels is something to consider. Solar panels are highly performing technology objects that can capture the sunlight and transform it into electricity. Solar panels are made up from a lot of solar cells, also known as photovoltaic cells that are set on the surface of a panel into a grid-like pattern. The cells used for the solar panel have the main function of collecting the sunlight during daytime and then transform it into energy. Such an advanced technology will definitely help us have low cost energy, will heat the water we use and will make us more proud for protecting the ecosystem.

Solar Panel Setup
Solar panel installation should not be a difficult process for anyone. Solar panels are installed on the roofs of homes, and even on big corporations. Their owner has the option of installing them tilted up or just flush. A good idea that will spare time and money is to begin the solar panel installation while the home is being roofed. Considering mounting the solar panels flashed-in will prevent the roof from getting any leaks.

For an efficient solar panel installation it is indicated to secure the mounts of the panel on the roof’s rafters using stainless steel lag bolts. Such a wise procedure of solar panel installation will prevent you from having extra costs of removal and reinstallation that can occur if the installation process is not done secured.

If you are the owner of a home that has a shingle roof you should know that you will work quite easy with it. Instead, having a home with a tile roof can raise a lot of problems with the solar panel installation process as you can not easy carry the panels across the roof.

Solar Window Heater
Those who need more heat in their homes or only in some rooms should know that an eco-friendly device has been invented for helping them in this matter. Some people have one or two rooms facing south but they still feel chilly inside them. This can happen if that room has a small window that does not allow sufficient sun light to come in and warm the room.

The eco-friendly device we mentioned previously uses the sun for warming the chilly rooms. This device can only be installed in the rooms that are facing south as they can work only by using the sunlight as a source of energy. This device is known as a solar window heater. Its size is can vary from window to window and it is framed in clear pine for paining.


Solar Water Heating System

Nowadays a lot of people use solar panels on their properties for capturing the sun energy and transforming it into power, all this process being done for free. Solar panels can provide the needed energy for charging batteries, outdoor lighting, warming rooms during winter and cooling them during the hot days of summer and bringing light into the house. Some people have outdoor swimming pools and want a warm water to bathe in, but most of the regular people use solar energy for heating up the water they regularly use in the house.

The solar water heating system can be divided in two: passive system and an active system.

The passive solar water heating system is known to be the easiest and oldest way to have warm water in the house. To make such a system you will need to install a water tank on your roof. You can not install it anywhere you please. The key of having a well functioning passive solar water heating system is to place the tank on the roof area where the sun light has good access. You will need to pain the water tank in black as the heat will be attracted by this dark color and the water will get warm in no time. After the water is heated a pump will transport the warm water to wherever it is needed in the house.

Solar Pool Heating

A solar panel installed on your roof that is used to heat the water in your home with solar energy may be applied for the whole home or only for the water in your pool. The problem is to find which are the best solar panel systems you could use to heat the water in your swimming pool if you live in the U.K to have them functioning in winter as well as in summer. Extensive research has been done on solar panels and companies installing Solar Water Heating Systems to find the best one in the domain.

The are limited professional Solar Panel Heating companies at the moment providing reliable solar systems for the climate. The solar panel market is under development and is undertaking studies to learn how to provide reliable solar systems that work well in the climate. In the swimming pool heating process, swimming pool heater pumps the water through a heat exchanger. An extra heating exchanger is added to the swimming pool heater so as the solar system is providing pre heated water going through your existing pool heating system. Solar power is used more and more in the world to produce the heat we need and set in the proper places may give excellent results, for example in the sunny climates, and for the other climates where engineers specially trained are trying to find solutions.