Go off the grid with solar panels

For the last thirty years, it has been the dream of many homeowners to go off the grid and to supply themselves with all the electricity that they need. The idea of having solar panels installed has only been a dream but today you can turn it into a reality.

One thing that stopped people in the past from installing panels is the cost. Like most forms of technology, panels were extremely expensive when they first came out and not many homeowners could justify or even afford installing them. Panels were left to universities, research labs, businesses and the very rich.

As with all forms of technology, prices start to decrease over time but solar panels are still quite expensive. The average price to install solar panels is between $25,000 and $35,000. This is the cost of a pretty nice car and even someone’s salary. Before you run for the hills, realize that there are several federal and state programs that provide a subsidy and even grants for people who install panels. In many cases, you will not need to pay for the full cost of having them installed on your home. One thing that you should do is find out if your state has such a program.

One thing that really helps solar panels pay for themselves is that you can sell electricity back to the power company. For many panel owners, they have a surplus of electricity and this surplus can be sold back. Doing this will help you recoup the cost of having them installed much faster than the savings you have from no longer needing to pay the power company. You basically get a two for one deal because your panels are providing your with electricity and you are selling electricity to the power company.

One thing that you should do is to talk to a panel company directly. Ask them what programs are available in your state, have them calculate the cost and figure out how many panels you will need for your home. Let them do the leg work and then decide if you want to install panels. Also, find out about electricity buy back programs that were mentioned above and figure out how long it will take you to break even on your panel cost. Panels are a great way to help the environment, to become independent from the grid and even save money but it is a business decision that you need the proper data to make an informed decision.

The truth about solar panels cost

Solar panels are the most important parts of home solar energy system. They help to transform the sunlight into useful solar energy. Although solar panels cost may seem expensive, the cost proves to beneficial long term when you calculate your future energy savings.

Ever since society has become more aware of the environmental issues that are plaguing the planet, there has been a lot of discussion about solar power. There are advantages and disadvantages to any type of energy, and solar energy is no exception. Using solar power systems to provide energy for everything is the ideal dream of many nations around the world.

The major reason why countries are so interested in using solar power is mainly because of the amount of energy the sun generates. For every four feet of the Earth’s surface, the sun generates 1000 watts of energy. If all of this energy could be converted properly, there would enough clean and renewable energy that could be used to power every home and building in the world for free.

Solar panels are used to generate the sun’s rays into usable power. They can be used to provide electricity for homes and commercial properties. Solar panels cost are affected by factors including:

• Size
• Watts

The Pricing Of Solar Panels

As discussed earlier, solar panels cost will vary due to different factors. These factors are listed below.

Watt size – Most of the time the cost is calculated in dollars per watt. A watt is a unit of measurement that describes the amount of energy output. For example, a 400 watt panel will produce 400 watts of energy in one hour during favorable conditions.

Physical size of the panel – The size of a solar panel will also contribute to how much energy is produced. A 400 watt panel will produce more energy than a 100 watt panel.

The durability of the solar panel – This is one of the most important factors when calculating the cost of a solar panel. Many companies offer warranties for a period of 10 years. However, if something should happen to the panel after the warranty has expired and you have not recouped your initial investment in energy savings, this would be considered a horrible deal. Make sure the company who installs your solar panels offers a warranty of at least 25 years on the panels.

Need to know about solar panels

Have you ever considered the advantages of getting free energy from the sunshine? There is no doubt that it would be great to reduce utility bills and provide clean and renewable energy for your home or business.In fact, since there are so many advantages, you might wonder why everybody doesn’t have solar power.

Can you imagine the freedom of running your appliances, air conditioning, and electronics with solar power? You should also fee pretty good about yourself because you are helping to preserve the natural environment and conserve scarce resources.

The real cost to many home owners will not be as high as the cost of solar panels they find for sale. This is because they might be able to take advantage of tax credits that can help them defray costs. In addition, many utility companies will actually buy back excess produced energy from people with solar systems.

In addition, homes and other buildings with solar systems are more valuable.If a home owner ever wants to sell his property, he should be able to get more money for it because of the solar panels and solar system.

You might need to think of buying solar panels as a long-term investment. It will take several years to really pay off, but it is also probably a good bet over time.

It is a good idea to shop around because different companies do charge different prices.In some cases, you might even be able to buy slightly damaged panels that you can repair, and these could be a lot cheaper. One other advantage to purchasing your own parts is that you can start small with a more moderate investment.

You might only begin by replacing some of your home or business’s power with solar energy. In time, you can work your way up to replacing all of the power with solar energy. In fact, you could even get to the point where you can produce excess energy that you can sell back to your local electric company.

Testing the solar panels

Solar panel testing refers to using an amp meter on the panel. Electricity is known to be measured in amperes. This thing can be done with an amp meter. Such a device will be attached to the negative and positive terminals on the solar panel and then the panel will be exposed to the sunlight. In order to protect yourself from injuries and secure the amp meter from any damage you should first rate the meter higher than the solar panel is. The amp meter will show you on its screen the short circuit current. This will be the amount of electrical current that you can expect from your panels to give. OF course it all depends on how strong was the sunlight so it would be indicted to perform your solar panel testing when there is a full sunlight outside.

Besides using an amp meter you can determine the power output of your solar panel by using another method that implies measuring the resistor’s voltage. For this solar panel testing procedure you will need a digital multi-meter (that measures the DC voltage) and multiple resistors. After getting all the needed measurements you can use this formula for calculating the power output: Current = Voltage / Resistance. After that you can make up a performance graphic by plotting the power output.

You should also know that a solar panel will transform the sunlight into DC (direct current) power not AC power as some might expect. This is why you need for the solar panel testing procedures a DC digital multi-meter.

Watts will be used for measuring the power that the solar panel generated for charging batteries for example or for using home appliances. The formula for calculating the power is Power = Voltage*Current. All you have left to do is to measure the amperage and voltage of your solar panel and plug the data into the equation. This way you will know exactly if the solar panel will be able to cover all the electricity you wanted it to offer you when you decided to install such a thing on your roof.

Installation of the solar panels with the best contractor

For an efficient solar panel installation it is indicated to secure the mounts of the panel on the roof’s rafters using stainless steel lag bolts. Such a wise procedure of solar panel installation will prevent you from having extra costs of removal and reinstallation that can occur if the installation process is not done secured.

If you are the owner of a home that has a shingle roof you should know that you will work quite easy with it. Instead, having a home with a tile roof can raise a lot of problems with the solar panel installation process as you can not easy carry the panels across the roof.

On a sloped roof the Fast Jack solar panel mounts are the most indicated to be used in the solar panel installation process as they attach the panels to the roof quite easy and secure. The next step is to align the mounts on the top of the rafters drawing a chalk line and carefully pre-drill so that you don’t split the rafters. Then use the stainless steel lag bolts to secure the mounts on the roof. Metal flashings are the ones that need to be added to the mounts in the next step of the solar panel installation. Using stainless steel bolts again will secure the metal rails. Next, the solar panels will be placed in groups of four. A thin layer of reflective roof coating will have to be applied on the roof and then you can go and connect the wires to the solar panel installation and see how it works.