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Science has proven that our Sun is a huge amount of greenhouse gas burns with huge whirlpool. The heat is so intense that something like that in thousands of miles in radius from the Sun vaporizes instantly. Rays the sun reaches the earth produces latent heat to get them. This heat is diluted when the sun’s rays are dispersed into the environment. But it is possible concentrate the rays of a magnifier to the point where the latent heat to concentrate on them so that the object placed at that time starts to burn. Using a magnifying glass in the sun, which actually do is take this energy from sunlight and solar focus point to produce heat. This principle is the basis to exploit the potential of solar energy. This solar energy is present wherever the sun reach. We must try to catch this energy as much as possible as long after sunset, we can use to heat our houses and homes.

We can find the sun very pleasant in. If we continue to sit in the sun for a long period, we find our skin to get warmer, as absorbs the sun’s heat. But when the sun goes blank all the corners where the sun’s rays reaching the heat is not easily felt. The heat is dissipated to the atmosphere. It is difficult to capture the sun’s heat to such a measure that can be used to provide heat and energy to its full potential.

Affordable And Low Cost Of A Solar Panel

A lot of them will have a major surprise when going into shops that sell solar panels because they will see that solar panels of the same size have different prices. This has a logical explanation. Even thought they might have the same size, solar panels might not produce the same amount. This is happening because some solar panels might have a longer predicted functioning age than others, some might have a different quality in what concerns the solar cells installed on them and some might just have been produced with a more expensive technology. If consulting with an expert you will be told that as technology modernizes the quality of the solar panels increases and this is why the cost of a modern solar panel might be higher than the cost of the last years solar panels to know about the price list.
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Cheap and Maintenance Free Running Cost:
Solar energy is cheap. There is no doubt that solar energy have high initiating price but once solar panels power facility is in place, no fuel, lubricants or any kind of maintenance is required thus providing literally free energy. And with fossil fuels prizes touching sky, the overall cost advantage of solar energy is very obvious. It is also expected that with the further development in solar technology the financial cost of expensive appliances such as solar cells and concentrating solar energy panels will also decrease leading to cheap, pollution free energy.

No Threats to Health:
Unlike nuclear energy plants whose radiations are very dangerous for health of humans living in the surrounding areas, solar energy panel does not bring any kind of side effects or health issues to its surrounding region.